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Rocky Oaks Ranch Construction is the home of the Monster Tree Saw. The Monster Tree Saw was created as an efficient method of clearing mesquite trees and other invasive and unwanted trees and brush from pastureland utilizing a skid steer.

As land owners in Schleicher County, the Chandlers wanted to clear mesquite and other unwanted brush from their personal property. Given the smaller acreage of the property, the use of a bulldozer was not feasible. Consequently the couple fired up the chainsaw and went to work. After a short time using chainsaws to clear brush the couple recognized the need to develop a more efficient and less labor intensive method to clear their land. The idea to design a saw that could be attached to the front of a skid steer began to take shape and just like that, the idea for the Monster Tree Saw was born.

After considerable research and development the Monster Tree Saw was created, attached to a skid steer and put to use on the Chandlers' personal property. With their new creation in use, land clearing proceeded at a much faster pace and with much less physical exertion. The chainsaws were not missed...

Through their company, Rocky Oaks Ranch Construction, the Chandlers are pleased to offer their creation, the Monster Tree Saw, for sale as an alternative clearing method.

Product Description

About the Monster Tree Saw

The Monster Tree Saw is an alternative method for clearing pastureland of unwanted or invasive trees and brush. Unlike more expensive hydraulic tree shears or rotary brush saws that rely on hydraulic flow, the Monster is a static saw that incorporates the back and forth movement of the skid steer to provide the cutting power.


  • No moving parts, therefore no maintenance
  • Rapid cuts, leaving stumps flush to the ground
  • Universal mounting bracket that will fit all popular brands of skid steers
  • No need for hydraulics, allowing the Monster Tree Saw to be used on all sizes of skid steers
  • Saw blade length of approximately 8 feet allows for extended reach
  • Equiped with a sharpened sapling cutter
  • Wide cutting range from saplings to 18" diameter trees
  • At 350 lbs the Monster Tree Saw can be transported in the bed of most regular size pickup trucks

See it in Action

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Please click on the photos below to access an informational video that provides a demonstration of the ease of use of the Monster Tree Saw while highlighting several features that make it unique among brush clearing implements. The video can also be accessed directly by clicking the link below:

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Purchasing your Monster Tree Saw

The Monster Tree Saw is an investement for your personal property or business. Not only is it extraordinarily durable due to its static construction, it's also transportable and very versatile. The Monster Tree Saw is assembled by Rocky Oaks Ranch Construction in Schleicher County, Texas. Basic pricing information can be found below.

MSRP: $1500

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